Minor Specialization

3HR Human Resource Management

minor-specialization-3hr-human-resource-managementDepartment of Human Resource Management lists the minor specialization 3HR Personnel Management. This minor specialization is meant not only for students who have expressed an interest in the are of Human Resources, and see their future in working in the positions of either HR manager or HR specialist. It is the right choice for all who wish to understand the principles and contexts involved in the personnel management of firms, and to gain the knowledge and skills which are most certainly used in the area of their practice, whether in the role of manager, employee or as an entrepreneur.

Conditions for entry to the minor specialisation:

This minor specialisation is open to students from all faculties of UEP, therefore it assumes differences in their levels of knowledge at entry. This is sufficiently reflected in the composition and method of teaching in subjects, and should pose no great difficulties for students who, in the course of their studies to date, have rarely or ever met with the aspects of this subject.
Registration and enrollment in the minor specialisation is on ISIS and there are no set conditions for enrollment.

Capacity per semester:

50 students

Requirements for successful completion of the minor specialisation:

Obligatory subjects – 30 EC

  • 3PA523 Human Resource Management
  • 3PA541 Reward Management
  • 3PA542 Work Conditions and Labour Relations
  • 3PA545 Personnel Development in the Organisation
  • 3PA546 People Management Practices

Profile of the Minor Specialization:

The aim of the minor specialization of Personnel Management is to prepare graduates for the positions of HR specialist and HR manager in the Human Resources department of a company, and to develop the abilities and skills which are necessary for the successful execution of the managerial function. This specialization is meant for students of the major specializations at the faculties of the UEP.

Managing people is a very necessary source of ensuring the long term competitive abilities of a company, as well as ensuring a more effective provision of services by the organs of public administration. Changes in the policies and methods of HR work are, at the present time, strongly influenced by the internalionalization of Czech companies, as well as by the influence exerted by the transnational corporations on the Czech economy.

While preparing the above mentioned minor specialization, the course guarantors made every effort to ensure that their subject dealing with the training and education of future HR specialists and managers, conforms to those parameters which are preferred at those renowned universities and business schools which offer HR, and related, courses. The guarantors have also taken pains to ensure that their course conforms to the requirements of the Czech business community, regarding the work competence profile of economists and other workers in the business sphere.

Graduates of the minor specialization should be able to analyze, evaluate and develop systems and methods in the area of human resource management, and become partners with top management in solving problems connected to managing and leading people. The significance of the minor specialization can underline the fact that this comprehensive professional preparation is not provided by any other public or private university in the CR.

Instruction in the minor specialization is covered by the employees of the Department of Human Resource Management. Experts from the world of practice, in other words, company owners, participate in the instruction process by lecturing on selected themes, as well as leading some seminars and training sessions dealing with social skills.