HR Alumni

HR Alumni is a community that is the result of the activity of skillful students from the Faculty of Business Administration – both current and former – whose vision is to move the field of human resources further in time and influence the future – current students and future managers.

We strive to connect all current and former students of the minor specialization HR Management at the Faculty of Business Administration for professional networking and cooperation within the mentoring program. We operate beyond the study programs at the Prague University of Economics and Business and provide students with contacts to specialists in this field with the possibility of further development after completion of their studies. We strive to cooperate with former students who could become mentors for existing or terminating undergraduates and show them the career path they could continue to follow. We plan to organize seminars, projects, workshops, excursions and other events in which many interesting people will participate, from which we can learn a lot about how to use theory in practice. One of the goals of our endeavor is also mutual enrichment of knowledge and experience in this field and development of rapidly evolving personnel management.

We are open to suggestions for cooperation, so do not hesitate to contact us at this e-mail address: