Our Department

Department of Human Resource Management is focused on the complex concepts involved in managing the human factor in an organisation. Its activities are based on the assumption that knowledge of Human Resource Management, along with the skills and abilities used in the recruitment, motivation and retention of employees, are essential factors in the qualifications of both the managers and employees who work in executive functions in the company. In harmony with this philosophy, the department offers the basics of Human Resource Management in two obligatory subjects to students of the Faculty of Business Administration of the Prague University of Economics and Business. In the case of deeper interest in HR, students of all faculties can choose the minor specialisation of HR Management, which the department also offers, or they can just decide study any of the other subjects on offer. Students have the opportunity to gain, while studying an obligatory subject at the department, knowledge about the concepts contained in Personnel Management and HRM; strategies and planning in Human Resources; the labour market; the acquisition, selection and adaptation of workers; performance management and employee appraisal; corporate learning and development; working conditions and labour relations; health protection and safety at work; remuneration and reward management; care of employees; HR Information Systems and the specifics of HRM in Multinational Corporations.

At present, the Department of Human Resource Management has eight academic teachers. In addition to the aforementioned personnel, externists and teachers from abroad also teach at the department. Department members are in intensive professional contact with the business sector, state administration organs as well as other organisations which deal with the world of work and HRM. The department also cooperates with a variety of consulting, training and research institutions.