Bachelor‘s level programme of studies

Obligatory Subject (Business Administration):

  • 3PA311 Personnel Management 1

Obligatory Subject (Arts Management):

Obligatory Subject (Business Administration – BBA):

  • 3BE214 Personnel Management 1

Obligatory Subject (Экономика предприятия и менеджмент):

  • 3RU211 Personnel Management (Russian)

Optional Subjects:

  • 3PA321 Employer Brand Management
  • 3PA544 Human Resources on the Labour Market
  • 3PA552 Corporate Learning and Development
  • 3PA662 Human Resource Management Seminar (English)
  • 3PA665 Human Resource Management Seminar (Russian)
  • 3PA669 Corporate Learning and Development (English)

Master’s level programme of studies

Obligatory Subject (Business Administration):

  • 3PA412 Personnel Management 2

Obligatory Subject (Master in Management)

  • 3PA712 Personnel Management (Advanced)

Optional Subject (Arts Management):

  • 3PA492 HR Management Practices

Subjects in the Minor Specialization (3HR Human Resource Management):

  • 3PA523 Human Resource Management
  • 3PA541 Compensation Management
  • 3PA542 Work Conditions and Labour Relations
  • 3PA545 Personnel Development in the Organisation
  • 3PA546 People Management Practices

Optional Subjects:

  • 3PA547 Projects in Human Resource Management
  • 3PA551 IT systems in HRM
  • 3PA555 Innovation in HR
  • 3PA661 People Management in Multicultural Environment (English)
  • 3PA664 Leadership and HRM in NGOs (English)
  • 3PA665 Human Resource Management Seminar (Russian)
  • 3PA666 System of Intensive Development of Individual Abilities (English)
  • 3PA667 Strategic Leadership and Management of the CSR (English)
  • 3PA668 Quality of Working Life (English)
  • 3PA670 Ethics in HRM (English)

Doctoral level study programme

  • P__901 People Management for the Future