Dissertation topics

The offer includes a range of topics on which a research project for a dissertation can be based. In the matter of consulting the research plan and preparing for the admission procedure, please contact the selected supervisor and the head of the Department of Human Resources directly.

Supervisor: Ing. Lucie Depoo, Ph.D. (assoc. professor)

e-mail: lucie.depoo@vse.cz

  1. Virtual HR Management of Globally Dispersed Virtual Teams
  2. Management of Hybrid Workspace and Impact on Retention and Well-being
  3. The Role of SHRM in Change Management (Impact of Crises)
  4. The Impact of AI on HRM

Supervisor: Ing. Otakar Němec, CSc. (assoc. professor)

e-mail: otakar.nemec@vse.cz

  1. HR management in the digital economy
  2. HR management in specific organizational structures or situations
  3. HR management and age diversity
Head of Department of HRM: Ing. Marek Stříteský, Ph.D. (e-mail: marek.stritesky@vse.cz)